It is a hard, salty white cheese made from sheep or goat's milk. A very hard cheese, kefalotyri can be consumed as is, fried in olive oil for a dish called Saganaki, or added to foods such as pasta dishes, meat or cooked vegetables, and is especially suited fro grating. Ideal for cheeseboards, the tangy cheese is served with fresh seasonal fruits, such as pears, figs, and grapes alongside red wine and sausages. ​

  • Barrel Feta
  • Greek Halva
  • Kasseri
  • Kefalograviera
  • Northern Greek Feta


​Manouri is a semi-soft, fresh white whey cheese made from goat or sheep's milk as a by-product following the production of feta. Manouri is creamier than feta, because of the addition of cream to the whey. It is also less salty than feta. It is used in salads, pastries, or as a dessert cheese. It can also be substituted for cream cheese in dishes such as cheesecake.

​Mizithra is a fresh cheese made with raw milk and whey from sheep or goat's milk. The ratio of milk to whey is 70-30. It resembles that of Ricotta, though it is typically drier. Mizithra can be salt-dried to produce a mature salty cheese.


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