​ (Belgium) Chimay

​Limited edition cheese made exclusively of milk produced in May, when milk is at its highest quality. The cheese matures for at least 18 months. Once the stock of this unique cheese is sold, you must wait until the following year for the next edition.

 ​A truly bold adventure from the "Land Down Under", Old Croc Extra Sharp White Cheddar is aged 18+ months for a full, rich, robust flavor, not for the faint of heart. It's firm and crumbly with a fine granular texture - the true sign of an authentic, mature cheddar. All natural, Non GMO, No Hormones added, crafted with milk from grass fed cows.


​- Danish Blue

- Danish Esrom

​- Fontina

- Havarti


- American Asiago

​- Horse Radish Cheddar

- Maple Smoked Cheddar

​- Monterey Jack


- Blyth Goat

​- Camelot Goat

​- Canadian Brie

- Canadian Havarti

- Canadian Provolone

- Canadian Swiss

- Cape Vessey

​- Fruilano

​- Gunn's Hill

   (Australia) Old Croc

Lappi is a Finnish cheese that is produced from partially skimmed cow's milk, making it nearly identical to Emmental except that the milk is pasteurized. In addition, the cheese is mild in flavor and firm-textured with small holes. The smooth rich, creamy cheese is sweet to taste. ​


- Lankaaster ​

- Magie Noir

- Niagara Gold

​- Oxford Harvest

​- Red Chili Pepper Cheddar

​- Red Wine Cheddar

​- Thunder Oak Gouda

 (U.S.A)​ Bellavitano

(Belgium) ​Prestige de Brugge

​  (Portugal) Sao Jorge

  (Norway) Jarlsberg

​Roaring Forties blue cheese is a full-flavored blue with a sweet, slightly nutty character, a rich mouth feel and good aftertaste. It is a rind-less cheese matured in a wax coating, which cuts off the oxygen supply, promoting its sweet and fruity flavor. The wax also assists in retaining the blue's moisture, creating a smooth and creamy texture.

​It is a semi-hard to hard cheese, produced on the island of Sao Jorge, in the Azores. It is exclusively with raw cows' milk. Sao Jorge is a robust, aged cheese ripened for between 3-7 months before being sold. It has a firm, slightly waxy texture that envelops an open, straw-colored paste. Flavors are mild, full and buttery with an underlying tang that becomes more obvious with age.

Lindsay goat cheddar is hand crafted in small batches using premium goats' milk, and is wrapped in a cheesecloth to help age and preserve the flavor. Aging the cheese this way yields an earthy, nutty, and slightly crumbly cheese. It has the sought after crystallization of a well - aged cheddar. ​

 (Ireland) Cashel Blue

  ​(Canada) Lindsay Goat Cheddar

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It is a sweet, granular cheese aged for 1-2 years. The cheese is named after the city of Dublin, although it is made in Cork. The cheese aims to combine the sharpness of mature cheddar and the buttery sweetness of Parmesan. Dubliner cheese may contain natural calcium lactate cheese crystals.

 Made with pastuerised cow's milk and vegetarian rennet it is a semi-soft blue cheese. Aged between 6-10 weeks it is a pleasant, fir and creamy-edged with an established blue character, offset by a mouth watering tanginess. By 3 months of maturation, Cashel Blue will have broken down to a richer, fuller and rounder yet not strong flavor.


- Belgian Aged Gouda

- ​Brugge Old

- Fleuron de Brugge


- Cambozola

​- German Tilsit


​- Norvegia

(Australia) Roaring Forties

This cheese is washed in Chimay Red Cap, made using fresh, creamy milk from the Chimay region. It tastes delightfully of apricots and peaches, enhanced by a hint of bitterness. Chimay is a semi-soft  cheese made in Belgium.

​Jarlsberg is famous around the world for its distinctive sweet and nutty taste and its large, round holes. It is available with or without its distinctive rind, either cut to suit your needs or as a mighty 10 kg wheel. It's a versatile cheese. Perfect for sandwiches, on a salad, or on a cheese board.

​(Ireland) Dubliner

​This hand-crafted cheddar is made from the milk of Holstein cows raised in Prince Edward Island. In pasteurized milk is gently heated to preserve the beneficial bacteria in raw milk that give the cheddar its characteristic flavor. A cloth is applied to the exterior of the wheels allowing the cheese to breathe and develop a rich, robust flavor as it ages.


​- ​ 5 Brothers

- Alex Chevre

- Alex House Brand Cheddars

- Artisan Wine Washed Cheese

- B.C. Aged Farmhouse Cheddar

- Beau's Beer Washed Cheese

- Black Truffle Cheddar

- Blue Geai

- Blue Haze


- Vintage Cheddar w/ Elderberry Wine

​- Cahill's Porter Whiskey

​- Balintubber w/ Garlic &Herb


​- Bulgarian Feta


- Queso Fresco

​A Sartori-Family Original. This rich, creamy cheese with its nutty, fruity flavor begins like a premium parmesan and finishes in award-winning style with hints of melted butter. We have 3 different kinds of the Bellavitano. Merlot, Balsamic and Espresso.

     (Finland) Lappi

.​(Canada) Avonlea  P.E.I. Cheddar