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It is a cow's milk cheese with a fresh cream, slightly grassy aroma and smooth texture. Aged from 35 days to 2 months, this cheese is made from pasteurized milk. A soft interior lies beneath a slightly orange-colored rind with a white bloom. The taste is mild and the aroma is creamy with herbal notes.

  • Pied de Vent
  • Quebec Raclette
  • Rasemble
  • Recompense
  • St. Augustin
  • St. Honore
  • Tomme Haut Richett

  • Moutier 
  • Noyan
  • Oka
  • Oka Artisan
  • Oka Classic
  • Oka Light
  • Oka w/ Mushroom
  • Petit Poitou

​Made with milk from Brown Swiss cows partly fed with marsh hay. It is a raw milk, semi-soft cheese. This surface-ripened cheese lasts longer than a soft cheese. Its brushed rind and its uniform texture with small cavities bring a woodsy flavour with a slightly acidic and fruity taste.

Benedictine Blue

​Tomme Grosse -Ile

 ​Louis D'Or cheese gets its name from the Louis d'Or farm, which produces the milk used to make it. Louis Morin added the word "d'Or" as a reference to the French coin used under the reign of Louis XIII in 1640. It has fine, complex flavours, which are eloquently expressed after just 9 months of ripening.

​  Grey Owl

The 14 Arpents is a farm cheese made from the whole milk of the brown Swiss cows. This square-shaped cheese is creamy and covered with a wonderful orange rind. Full of flavour, it has a slight taste of hazelnut. The flavour becomes more pronounced as it ages.

​Riopelle is a triple -crème cheese made of fresh milk and cream. The Riopelle reveals a creamy and incredibly smooth center beneath a thin, bloomy rind. Leaving an exquisite hint of butter. It possesses a smooth buttery

​Bleu d'Elizabeth

It is a blue cheese made by the monks at the Benedictine Abbey of Saint - Benoit - du - Lac, Quebec. The cheese is a semi-soft, whole milk blue cheese deeply veined with the Roquefort penicillium mold. The aroma of the cheese is reminiscent of mushrooms and has a creamy. delicately salted flavour. The middle of the cheese wheel is especially creamy.  

Grey Owl is a Quebec cheese made from goat's milk. The cheese is made with non-animal rennet and pasteurized milk. On the outside, the vegetal ash endows the cheese with a wrinkly, dark, and piquant smelling edible rind. As you cut the cheese the snow-white paste strikes a contrast with a cloak of rind. As it melts in your mouth, the smooth and silky texture of the cheese offers pleasing sharp and lemony flavour.


        Tete a Papineau

  • 5 yr Raw milk Cheddar
  • 7 yr Raw milk Cheddar
  • Alfred Fermier
  • Baluchon
  • Bio Bio Cheddar
  • Bio Bio Parmesan
  • Chevalier Double Cream
  • Chevalier Triple Crème

      1608 ​

​   Le 14 Arpents

    ​La Liberte

  • Chevre Noir 1 yr
  • Chevre Noir 2 yr
  • Ciel de Charlevoix
  • Delice des Appalache
  • Duanier 
  • Ermite Blue
  • Fleurmer de Charlevoix
  • Frere Jaques  

  • Le Diable aux Vache
  • Le D'Iberville
  • Le Doux Peche
  • Mamirolle
  • Migneron
  • Miranda
  • Mont Jacob
  • Mont St Benoit

The Mi-Careme is a delicious soft cheese from the brie family. It has a slightly orange mixed rind coming from the fact that it starts out as a bloomy rind cheese, and after a couple of days the washed rind process begins.

​La Liberte is a triple crème cheese, made with whole milk. It's wonderful bloomy rind surrounds a melting paste with an exquisite creamy mushroom flavour.

1608 is a typical hard cheese. The milk used comes from 100% from Canadienne breed cows. The raw cheese is cooked, pressed, and non-surfaced ripened for a long period. Refining takes between 3 and 6 months. The crust is a dark yellow, creamy, and tender in mouth. Texture improves with age, and taste develops without bitterness. ​

    Louis d'Or


 ​Perfect for those looking for a low-fat cheese. This pasteurized, semi-soft, washed rind cheese offers a milky aroma and salted butter taste. Aged for a minimum of 6 weeks, the rind gets washed and rubbed in brine giving it an orangey colour with a white bloom. It has a smooth and creamy texture. The buttery taste and milky, slightly acidic aroma will vary from to strong depending on the age of the cheese.

 La Sauvagine

​Bleu d'elizabeth is a semi-soft cheese made from raw milk with interior mold. Its natural rind is strewn with ochre-colored spots and contains beautiful bleu and sometimes greenish-colored veins resulting from the presence of Roquefort pencillium mold. The unique taste and perfect salt balance of this cheese is sure to please the most discriminating palate.

La Sauvagine is a soft, surface - ripened and washed rind cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. It ripens from outside in, is moist and supple with a runny ivory interior and fresh buttery taste, complemented by hints of mushrooms. The creamy paste melts in the mouth finishing off on a rustic note. ​