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Testun Al Barolo


Semi firm




Nonna's Pantry showcases Beppino Occelli's cheeses, hailing from the Alpine region of Piedmonte, Italy.


'Testun', meaning 'stubborn' in Cuneo dialect, is a cheese that demands the most effort and time to mature among Mondovi's varieties, taking about twelve months. Produced from either sheep or goat's milk, occasionally blended with cow's milk, this cheese is imbued with the scents of alpine pastures, varying from thyme and chamomile to mint, licorice, or caramel, based on the grazing meadows and season.


As Testun ages, it evolves into a remarkable cheese with a straw-yellow hue and a somewhat crumbly texture. A unique version is aged with Nebbiolo grapes, used in Barolo wine, and stored in oak barrels, infusing the cheese with rich, fruity wine notes that elevate its taste profile.

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