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Oveja flower


Semi firm




Oveja Flores, translating to "ewe with flowers," originates from the acclaimed La Mancha region in Spain, a place synonymous with Manchego cheese. This cheese is crafted from sheep's milk that is both nutrient-rich and earthy, with a texture akin to the smoothness of lanolin, lending the cheese its distinctive, impeccably white interior.

Matured for a minimum of four months, Oveja Flores boasts a firm yet yielding texture that dissolves sumptuously in the mouth. The cheese is adorned with a blend of local, hand-picked flowers, creating a tapestry of hues and exuding a bouquet of floral scents.

In terms of flavor, Oveja Flores is understated, drawing on the gentle qualities of sheep's milk, and is characterized by its mild lanolin undertone and the aromatic presence imparted by the floral crust.

For a delightful tasting experience, present it on a cheeseboard to showcase its visually stunning paste and flowery rind. It is best enjoyed with accompaniments that are subtle in flavor to preserve the cheese's own refined and gentle taste profile.

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