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Oveja con trufa



Semi firm



Oveja Con Trufa, a sheep's milk cheese embedded with truffles, hails from the renowned La Mancha region in Spain, famous for its Manchego cheeses. The milk for this cheese boasts a full-bodied, earthy flavor with a touch of lanolin's smoothness, resulting in a cheese with a pristine white interior. Matured for a minimum of four months, it offers a rich texture that effortlessly dissolves on the palate. Encased within the cheese, you'll find veins of summer black truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt), imparting an exquisite yet powerful taste. The Oveja Con Trufa features a delicate complexity from the sheep’s milk that wonderfully counterpoints the potent truffle essence.

When it comes to savoring this cheese, it's a showstopper on any cheese platter, enhanced by pairing with a robust Spanish Rioja or a crisp Chablis.


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