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Alex Farm Products retail stores are professional cheese providers serving communities of Great Toronto Areas. The Alex Farm branch store on Beaches, located on East Queen Street, is one of the best retailers in this community. We carry full lines of original cheeses from Quebec Canada, France, England, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Italy, and Portugal.

Besides cheeses, we also provide other foods, such as olives, olive and vegetable oils, peppers and pickles, baking ingredients and seasoning, dry foods and canned foods, plus drinks.

We appreciate your visiting our world of cheeses and promise the great taste and wonderful service.

New Arrivals

Beemster Graskaas
The Taste of Spring!

The Taste of Spring! Check the details of the cheese, and coveted recipe to enjoy it!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Krinos, Horio, and Hermes are all ranked as premium olive oils. Greek extra virgin olive oil is world renowned due to its superior quality, optimal clarity, fruity taste, and delicate aroma. Extra virgin is graded as such based on several factors... Read More
Balsamic Vinegar
Historically, Balsamic vinegar was first introduced in the year 1046. During the Middle Ages, Balsamic vinegar was sold in Pharmacies as a disinfectant, and it was used to heal deep cuts that were inflicted as a result of swordfights... Read More

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